dreamportrayal010012.jpg Image of article, Dream Decoders: Boulder Workshop Helps Unravel Subconscious Scenarios, and accompanying photo from The Daily Times-Call, 
31 August 2006.
Michael Tappan, "Reflections from a Cave at Tundo Poglo," Shaman's Drum, 2006, No. 73
Pam Millskog, "Dream Decoders: Boulder workshop helps unravel subconscious scenarios," Daily Times-Call, 31 Aug 2006
Bonnie Benjamin Skopinski,
"A Dream Job: Local workshop leader [Irene Clurman] helps explore nocturnal musings," The Canyon Courier, 5 Apr 2006
Image of the cover of Dream Time magazine, Volume 23, Number 3, Winter 2006.
Michael Tappan, "Dream Portrayal," Dream Time, Volume 23, Number 3, Winter 2006
Anne Hill, Radio interview and podcast with Irene Clurman and Michael Tappan. KOWS 107.3 FM,
Occidental, California,
27 Nov 2009.
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Image of Irene Clurman accompanying the article, A Dream Job: Local Workshop Leader Helps Explore Nocturnal Musings, from The Canyon 
Courier, 5 Apr 2006.
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Irene Cluman, "Learning To Speak Dream," January 2010
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Image of a collage by Irene Clurman, illustrating her article, Learning to Speak Dream, January 2010.
With Michael Tappan & Irene Clurman
Irene Cluman, "Dream Portrayal: Raising the Curtain," Dream Medicine, June 2011
Image from article.
Michael Tappan, "Shamans, Brujas and the IASD," Dream Time, Volume 29, Number 2, Spring 2012
Image of article first page.
Irene Clurman, "Tarot in Dream Groups," Dream Network Journal, Winter 2012-2013
Image from article.