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     Dream Portrayal Workshops, led by co-facilitators Michael and Irene, combine group projective dream work methods with theatrical techniques and props. The goal is not to create a theatrical performance but to get closer to the powerful transformative energies of the dream world and offer a visual, hands-on experience for the dreamer, as well as for those enacting the dream and witnessing the action.
     A dream chosen at random is examined briefly through group projective discussion dream work based on techniques developed by Dr. Jeremy Taylor. This approach affirms that all dreams come in the interest of the dreamerís health and wholeness and encourages participants to own their projections by prefacing comments with "If it were my dream . . ."
     The dreamer then assigns people to portray animate and inanimate symbols from the dream and costumes the actors with swaths of fabric, masks and the like. The dreamer can participate in the ensuing enactment or simply direct the action. Sometimes a dreamer does both, first standing back and observing, then interacting or even changing places with dream characters.
     Seeing the dream energies come to life and being able to interact with them adds an emotional and physical understanding not available through discussion alone. Michael and Irene facilitate the portrayal from beginning to end, offering support and guidance to ensure that all participants feel safe and that the dream is being honored. After each dream exploration, Irene leads easy meditative movements to help internalize and process the dreams messages. No previous dream work or acting experience is required.
With every dream you both work, you are spiritually lifting up the world.
                                -- Star E.

Mike and Irene are inspired facilitators.
                                -- Katy K.

The dream work at the workshop felt visceral and organic. It's such a powerful way to understand a dream.
                                -- Linda H.

The workshop profoundly exceeded all my expectations ... I feel transformed!
                             -- Martha K.

You created such a safe environment for me to get out of my head and really feel. Thank you! Thank you!
                                -- Patty A.

I've been enthralled, rejuvenated and empowered by the nurturing and celebration of life that inevitably occurs in your workshops. I am truly appreciative and thank you for meeting my need for growth and play in what can be difficult times.
                                -- K. C.
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