"Dreams do not come in the service of the ego or in support of repression and denial. They come to connect us more consciously to the deepest and most profound energies of our lives. The psychospiritual wholeness that dreams reflect and promote is much more complete and authentic than the sense of 'conscious self' that is defined (and limited) by the waking ego." From:
The Living Labyrinth
"Our lives may be determined less by our childhood than by the way we have learned to imagine our childhood. We are... less damaged by the traumas of childhood than by the traumatic way we remember childhood as a time of unnecessary and externally caused calamites that wrongly shaped us... What is lost in so many lives, and what must be recovered (is) a sense of personal calling, that there is a reason I am alive." From:
The Soul"s Code
"...(If) the dream is psychic nature per se, unconditioned, spontaneous, primary, and this psychic nature can show a dramatic structure, then the nature of the mind is poetic. To go to the root of human... truth, essence, and nature, one must move in the fictional mode and use poetic tools. To understand the structure of dreaming we turn to dramas... the unconscious produces dramas, poetic fictions; it is theater." From:
Healing Fiction
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"We are all dreamers, whether or not we pay conscious attention to these mysterious, spontaneous interior experiences. Awake and asleep, we encounter the world through the 'frame' of our own unconscious selves, just beyond the edge of our peripheral vision. If a sufficient minority of us continues to extend our understanding of the archetypal world of dreams, and to raise our awareness of the corresponding unconscious symbolism of waking life, then we will make a significant and necessary contribution to the evolution of a more creative, responsible, conscious way of being in and for the species as a whole." From:
The Wisdom of Your Dreams
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I discovered that making a drawing from a combination of the literal dream images and from my emotional responses to them, augmented by the way I dreamed the dream in the moment of making the picture, turned out to be the way to go. From:
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Dreaming While Im Awake
By Kathryn Taylor
"There is an impressive historical record of the way dreams have served as vehicles of creative inspiration. The record also demonstrates that dreams speak a universal language of metaphor and symbol. When the effort to remember, record and reexamine dreams is made, it often results in startling insights, creative ideas, and more conscious understanding of confusing emotions." From:
Dream Work
With Michael Tappan & Irene Clurman